CEMEF PhD thesis: Thermo-mechano-metallurgical modelling and Finite Element simulation of interst...

March 03 2017
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3-years research study at CEMEF.

The Centre for Material Forming (CEMEF) is one of the research laboratories of MINES ParisTech (top executive French engineering school).

CEMEF studies the materials processings in all their aspects: physics, chemical physics, thermal and mechanical analysis and numerical modelling. Researches are on a large range of materials: metals, synthetic and bio polymers, food stuff, composites and nanocomposites, glass, ceramics…

Context and thesis work objectives:

Due to the economic importance of the process, modelling of hot rolling has produced a considerable number of studies of the roll bite area. Now that this zone is well known, many observations show that the interstand is the locus of several coupled phenomena, with important consequences on product quality: recrystallization and induced plasticity, elastic stress reshuffling and elastic buckling (flatness defects), interstand creep. These mechanisms interact in a complex way with stand settings (profile and flatness actuators).

The objective of the PhD is to provide LAM3/TEC3, a FEM software for the steady state modelling of rolling, several modules and functionalities to allow studying all these mechanisms for complex stands of hot rolling mills.

CEMEF PhD thesis in Computational Mechanics and Materials, to provide as soon as possible

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