Talents Recruiting Notice (2017)

Xi'an Peihua University
Xi'an, Shaanxi, China (CN)
RMB: 120K - 300K yuan
May 18 2017
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Xi'an Peihua University Recruiting Notice (2017)

Located in the ancient capital city of Xi'an, the cradle of splendid Chinese Civilization, Xi'an Peihua University is an ordinary private higher education institution being approved by the State Ministry of China for nationwide student enrollment and is the first such university in the west region of China being granted the authentication to issue bachelor degree to its qualified students. Now, in order to meet the increasing demand for high level qualified talents and for the purpose of healthy development and growth of the university, we cordially invite more qualified talents to join our faculty team. The specific qualification requirements for this global recruitment state below:

A. Requirement of Talents Level:

  • Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, fellow of Chinese Academy of Engineering; member of the Chinese Academy of Social Science, etc.
  • Provincial level academic leaders, provincial level teaching masters; provincial level excellent experts; those been selected into the provincial high level talents project, etc.
  • The academic leaders, professors or associate professors needed in the key discipline construction or urgently needed profession.
  • Doctor or outstanding masters in special major.
  • Double qualified teachers with a wealthy experience in both enterprise management and industry research, Phd or above the vice-senior title is preferred.

B. Qualification for Recruitment:

  • Those who love the education course, with strong scientific research and innovation capability and who have made comparatively high level research achievements; Those who have demonstrated his or her team work spirit and sense of professional mission; who will agree, with the university culture as well as the education concepts of Peihua; Those who are physically and mentally healthy.
  • For the higher level of experts, based on the consideration of university administration, there will be no age limits; For the academic leaders or professional leaders, the average age limit will be 55 or below; For the doctoral students, the averages age limit is 45 or below.
  • Any candidates applying for academic leaders of professional leaders, they must have professor titles, with excellent academic qualification; with high academic attainments, innovative thinking as well as good organization and coordination skills.
  • For doctoral and master candidates, in principle, they should have education background from well-known universities home and abroad. They should have study, work or research experience in some leading disciplines in the reputable research institutions, enterprises or national level scientific research platform, with some periodical achievement and strong tam work capability.
  • For those with rich experience in the industry and professional practice, the conditional requirement set for education background or professional certification may be extended.

C. Salary and Allowance:

The salary structure will include: monthly pay, performance bonus, search start fee, one time settlement fee, and housing grant.

  • For the high level expert and academic leader: this package will be negotiated on the person to person basis, which may also include the housing, the schooling of the children and the arrangement for the spouse. The salary and allowance will be decided after mutual negotiation.
  • For doctoral graduates from world first-class universities who may also be in need in the appropriate majors or profession in our university: the offered annual salary will be between RMB: 150K to 300K yuan; Beside, one set of housing (apartment) will be provided within the core area of the high-tech zone or on Peihua Changan campus; The university will provide RMB 200K to 300K starting fee for scientific research; as well as RMB: 150K to 200K yuan for one time settlement.
  • For other doctoral candidates: the offered annual salary will be between RMB: 120K to 200K yuan; Besides, one set of housing (apartment) will be provided within the core area of the high-tech zone or on Peihua Changan campus; The university will provide RMB 200K to 300K starting fee for scientific research; as well as RMB: 100K to 150K yuan for one time settlement.
  • For master graduates: The salary and allowance will follow the published salary and allowance standard for the university full time faculty and teachers.

D. Contact information:

For anyone interested in this recruiting notice, please feel free to contact us by email or telephone given below and we shall be more than willing to respond to you and assign special person to make arrangement for face to face interviews.

a)  The candidates should prepare detailed written applications and any supporting documents, as listed, to the following email box.

  •  Registration form for the application candidate.
  •  Scanned ID or Passport.
  •  Scanned copy of Education graduation certificate, from university and above, including graduation certificate, degree certificate, etc.
  •  Professional Title or Certificate (Scanned).
  •  Other academic or professional certificate which may support your academic and research capabilities.
  •  Technical publication or Academic Awards.

b)  Contact Information:

  • Address: HR Management Center,No.1, South Peihua Road, Xi'an Peihua University, Xi'an, 710025, Shaanxi, China
  • Postal Code: 710025
  • Contact Person: Mrs. Xu; Mr. Tian
  • Telephone: +86-29 8568 0089; +86-29 8568 0069
  • Email: peihuahr@qq.com; rlzyzx@peihua.cn
  • Website: http://www.peihua.cn