Postdoctoral Positions in Tumor Virology

Florida State University
Tallahassee, Florida
May 12 2017
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Full Time
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Postdoctoral positions are available for motivated individuals to study viruses cause human cancers. We study Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus, a human DNA tumor virus associated with several human malignancies. We recently discovered the first viral inhibitor of the host cytosolic DNA sensor cGAS (Cell Host & Microbe, 2015, J Virol, 2006). We are currently using multidisciplinary approaches to investigate how KSHV evade the host innate immunes responses and rewire the host intracellular signaling networks. The projects will be in collaboration between Drs. Fanxiu Zhu ( and Qian Yin ( in the Department of Biological Science at Florida State University located in the capital city Tallahassee of Florida.

Candidates should have a Ph.D. degree with experience in Virology, Protein Biochemistry, Structural Biology, Immunology, or Molecular Biology. If you are interested in the positions, please send curriculum vitae, a letter briefly stating your scientific background and career goals, and contact information of three references to: Dr. Fanxiu Zhu, email:

Florida State University is an Equal Opportunity/Access/Affirmative Action Employer.