Nanjing Medical University Seeks Global Talents to Apply for “2017 Thousand Young Talents Program”

With a glorious past and an industrious faculty, NMU lives up to its motto of “pursue excellence with erudition and reach perfection with morality”.

With priority given to science and intelligence, NMU make robust steps forward relying on the full-play of all talents.  

Surrounded by Mount Fang and Lake Tianyuan, NMU welcomes youths ambitious to make great achievements in Nanjing.

Innovative spirit

Founded in 1934 and co-sponsored in 2015 by the Ministry of Education of China, the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province, Nanjing Medical University (NMU) is branched into 22 schools, including the School of Basic Medical Sciences, the School of Public Health, the First School of Clinical Medicine, the School of Pharmacy, the School of Stomatology, and the School of Nursing. The university, with 24 affiliated hospitals and 50 teaching hospitals, has a body of more than 1,600 full-time teachers and more than 14,000 students.

Five disciplines (clinical medicine, molecular biology & genetics, biology & biochemistry, neurosciences & behavioral sciences, pharmacology and toxicology) have jumped into the top 1% of ESI rankings. High-impact papers have been published by top-level magazines like Nature, Science. In the ranking of global colleges and universities released by US News in 2017, NMU gets its 847th place, the 61st inland.  

Rich research resources

In recent years, Nanjing Medical University (NMU) has achieved its leading edge and distinctive feature in the research of cardiovascular diseases, public health and preventive medicine, reproductive medicine, oncology, rehabilitation medicine, neurology & psychiatrics, and pediatrics. The university has the state key laboratory of reproductive medicine (the only one in China), twenty key laboratories supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Health and Family Planning Commission, or Jiangsu Province, three state-level key disciplines, one key discipline for state-level cultivation, twenty eight national clinical key specialties.

Dedicated to high-level medical education and research, NMU is seeking global talents to construct a brilliant faculty.

Benefits and Salary

1. Benefits to members of the National Thousand Young Talents Program

1.1. Title: Professor; Mentor of doctors/masters

1.2. Salary

1.2.1. Annual salary of ≥350, 000 RMB in the first five-year contract.

1.2.2. One-time allowance of 500, 000 RMB from the central government (full, free of tax).

1.2.3. Allowance of 360, 000 RMB from Jiangsu government (free of tax, having the title of Jiangsu Specially Appointed Professors).

1.2.4. Allowance from NMU, covering projects, outcomes, teams and bases.

1.2.5. Allowance as PI of NMU Translational Medicine Research Institute.

1.3. Research funds

1.3.1. Two to three million RMB from the central government.

1.3.2. ≥two million RMB from NMU.

1.3.3. One million RMB from Jiangsu “Shuang Chuang” Talents Program

1.3.4. One to two million RMB as a Jiangsu Specially Appointed Professor.

1.4. Setting-in allowance and house-buying allowance of ≥ one million RMB.

1.5. Adequate office and lab rooms.

1.6. Priority to establish research teams; insurance of the number of masters or doctors mentored; allowance to post doctorates.

2. For those who fail to be enlisted into the National Thousand Young Talents Program and are willing to join NMU as high-level talents, contracts can be signed after negotiation.


1. Specialized in medical or biomedical science; less than 40 years old.

2. Having a doctoral degree, no less than three years’ research work at abroad (not referring to the research work with a position in China). Those having doctoral degrees conferred by foreign universities and harvested outstanding research fruits can apply for the Program earlier. The age and working years of candidates are calculated according to the date of application.

3. When to apply for the Program, the candidates shall have full-time positions in foreign prestigious universities, research institutions or research sectors of well-known corporations. If the position is in China, the candidate should have worked there for less than one year.  

4. Having worked at a full-time position in China for at least three years.


E-mail your documents to before May 31; entitle your mail with “Application (Thousand Young Talents)-Name-Employer”.

Contact Information 

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