Job Fair for Chinese Universities in Shanghai and Singapore

During May, 27th to June 3rd, 2017, Beijing time, the 21st high quality talents internet video recruitment overseas will be held by "China economist" editorial department of the ministry of education of the People's Republic of China, China education and research computer network and China educational network, to offer opportunities for some scholars looking forward to taking part in “the plan of Yangtze River scholars”, all kinds of doctors and other great talents, to work in China. On May, 28th, every university is going to Singapore, holding a job fair in reality. At that moment, they will have conversations with oversea students face to face. We are hoping that every excellent oversea student and great scholar are present at that time. And the meeting arrangements are as following:


I. Time and Place of the Recruitment:

May, 27th, 2017--May, 31st, 2017: job fair for Chinese universities in Singapore 

  • 28th, May  14:30-18:00  Lecture Theatre 24  Job Fair in Nanyang Technological University
  • 29th, May  14:30-18:00  Lecture Theatre 3  Job Fair in National University of Singapore

June, 3rd, 2017( all day): the internet recruitment of great talents  

(If you would like to join us, please visit


II. Request for the Appliers

Academics, Doctors at work, and Doctors at school who will be graduated in the near feature.


III. Job Vacancies:

Chemical, Physical, Mathematics, Materials Science and Engineering, Management, Economics, law, Medical Science, Education, Athletics, Mechanical Automation, Machine Design, Computer Technology, Environmental Science and Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, Biology Science and Engineering, Electrical and Information Engineering, traffic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Accountancy, philosophy, psychology, Journalism, Foreigner Language, Marxist Criticism, and so on.

Special Job Vacancies:

Law of Nations, Spanish, Ship Engineering, Power Network Technology, Safety Science and Engineering, Nuclear engineering


IV. The Ways of Application

Delivery resume to:;

Have an online video communication on condition that logging on  Every recruitment department will have a single room for hiring. Thus, appliers who enable to have an online video call can interact with interviewer one to one. (on June 3rd, Beijing time.)


V. Please log on the China education online to know more details about internet recruitment overseas or look up keywords through search engines, 2017 Great scholars’ overseas video recruitment for colleges and universities.


VI. Contact :

Phone: 86-010-62602516  


Name: Miss Zhao