Multiple Faculty Positions

Yangzhou University
Yangzhou, China (CN)
April 27 2017
Mr Bi or Miss Dang - (high-level talents’ hiring)
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Multiple Faculty Positions at Yangzhou University

In order to vigorously promote the strategy of "School Powered by Talents", and speed up the process of constructing “domestic first-class, internationally renowned and distinctive high-level research university", Yangzhou University invites global talents in teaching, scientific and medical research and welcomes every excellent talent to show his/her talents in our school, and have a great development together.

I. School Introduction

Yangzhou University is built up by the government of Jiangsu province and the Ministry of Education. It’s a key comprehensive university in Jiangsu province, one of the first doctor and master degree-conferring units and one of the first universities to carry out the mergence of universities. Yangzhou University is located in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, a beautiful historical and cultural city which is the winner of "United Nations Habitat Environment Award" and has been entitled with "national civilized city". Meanwhile, the city is besides with the famous slender west lake. 

The school has a large-scale campus and multiple disciplines. Now, it has more than 25,000 full-time undergraduate students, more than 10,000 doctors and masters in different fields and more than 11,000 adult education students. Besides, it has 29 colleges and 120 undergraduate majors, covering 12 main disciplines, philosophy, economic, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medical science, management, art and so on.

About 5,900 faculties are working in Yangzhou University, including more than 2,300 full-time teachers, more than 1,900 medical personnel, more than 1,300 teachers with senior titles, 2 academicians of Chinese Engineering Academy, 1 foreign academicians, 9 talents of “Several-thousand-scholar Plan”, winners of “national outstanding young talents” and national famous teachers, 1 young scholar of “the Yangtze-River Scholars awards”, 6 national candidates of “ Millions-of-talent Project”, 11 candidates of “Excellent Talents in new century supporting plan” held by the ministry and more than 2,700 doctor and master's tutors. 14 postdoctoral stations, 11 doctors’ degree authorized points for disciplines in the first level, 44 masters’ degree authorized points for disciplines in the first level, 16 professional doctor or master’s degrees, 2 national key disciplines, 1 national key discipline (training), 5 provincial outstanding disciplines, 1 provincial key sequence’s subjects, 6 provincial key disciplines in the first level, 3 provincial key disciplines (training) in the first level, 5 disciplines, chemistry, science, engineering, agriculture, plant and animal science and clinical medicine ranked as top 1 percent in ESI among global universities and research institutions.

II. Types of Invited Talents

The invited talents is divided into six types: academicians, outstanding talents, leading talents, top-notch talents, outstanding talents, other talents.

III. Contact

Contact unit:

Personnel Department of Yangzhou University
or Affiliated Hospital of Yangzhou University, Yangzhou, China.

Contact us:

The personnel department:

Mr. Shi, Mr. Han or Mr. Dong - (outstanding doctors’ hiring)

Phone: 0514-87971876; Email:

Personnel Office:

Mr. Bi or Miss Dang - (high-level talents’ hiring)

Phone: 0514-87971833; Email:

Doctors Management Office:

Miss Huang - (post-doctors’ hiring)

Phone: 0514-87971888; Email:

Affiliated Hospital of Yangzhou University:

Mr. Ding or Miss Liu. - (medical staffs’ hiring)

Phone: 0514-82981199 0514-82980408; Email:


Administration building
No. 5, Lotus Pond campus, No. 8, Yangzhou University street.
(Yangzhou University) No. 368, Hanjiang Middle Road,
Yangzhou. - (Affiliated Hospital of Yangzhou University)


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