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Jiangsu University (JSU) is a comprehensive university especially reputed for its strength in engineering. The research fields cover 10 primary academic categories including engineering, natural science, medicine, management, economics, law, literature, philosophy, pedagogy and art. JSU has 13 post-doctoral research stations, 13 primary (or first-level) disciplines for doctoral degrees, 42 primiary (first-level) disciplines for master degrees, 2 national key academic disciplines, 1 national key academic discipline under cultivation, and 6 desciplines were listed as the Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions.Five disciplines have been ranked as global top 1% in Essential Science Indicators (ESI), including Engineering, Materials Science, Clinical Medicine,Chemistry and Agricultural Science. According to the  British "Thames Higher Education" in 2016-2017, JSU is ranked 864th in the word,195th in Asia and 43th in Chinese mainland’s colleges.

The 2017 Overseas High-level Talents Academic Forum: The Forum will be held at Jiangsu University (JSU) China ,from May 12 to 14. the registration deadline is May 1. The forum will focus on the international academic research and exchanges to promote interdisciplinary, academic innovation, enhance the academic cooperation,and promote overseas talents to joinJSU,More details can be found at

Jinshan Scholar(金山学者)

Candidates are supposed to be listed in national top talents programs, such as “Recruitment Program of Global Experts”, “Yangtse Rive Scholars Program”, and “China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists”.

In general, candidates should be less than 50 years old,  hold Ph.D. in renowned universities home and abroad, and have been appointed as associate professor and above (or equivalent).

Jinshan Distinguished Professor(金山特聘教授)

Candidates are supposed to be listed in or qualified to apply for the following programs, such as Distinguished Professor of Jiangsu Province, High-level Innovation Talents, and Innovation Team Leader of Jiangsu Province.

Candidates should have team spirits, abundant research experiences, and outstanding academic achievements, and have been appointed as assistant professors and above (or equivalent).

Excellent Doctors and Post Doctoral Fellows

Candidates are expected to be excellent academic researchers from high-level universities, less than 35 years old, and have strong scientific research abilities.

Salary, Benefits and Support

JSU offers competitive salaries, sufficient research start-up funds, an apartment (or purchase subsidies) with individual property after serving JSU for 10 years and fringe benefits, medical/dental insurance, retirement and so on.

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