Tenure Track Position for Assistant Professor

Delft University of Technology
April 20 2017
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type

The department of Industrial Design offers a tenure track position for Assistant Professor. We are looking for colleagues who can excel in an interdisciplinary environment, where designers and researchers are expected to work independently across research groups, and contribute to the larger research agenda of the department and the research themes of the Faculty.

The major challenges for design research we see for the future are:

1. The shift from the fulfilment of individual needs to quality of life and society:

We need to understand how design can aim for long-term personal well-being, and a healthy and sustainable society, by impacting people's behaviour, experience, and standards.

2. The need to understand interaction in context and over time, rather than a focus on immediate usability or user experience:

An understanding of how products and services fit into people's daily routines and social practices is essential.

3. The transition from personal systems to complex socio-technical systems:

This entails understanding of the multiple actors (from people to intelligent devices, or ‘things') and values at play in an increasingly connected world.

Candidates are invited to apply for the open position by explaining in an original research statement their views on one or a combination of the three above challenges. We are looking for candidates with a pioneering mentality who are prepared to engage the scientific challenges of doing design research, and can work in close contact with both industrial and academic partners. Through research and teaching candidates should be able to inspire colleagues and students. Candidates play a prominent role in the bachelor education in the areas relevant to the department. Candidates should have a PhD-degree in design, human-computer interaction, the social sciences or other related fields. Candidates should preferably also have a Post Doc or the equivalent of at least two years of post-PhD experience.

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess