Professor of Geography Education (1.0 FTE)

Utrecht University
April 20 2017
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type

Utrecht University seeks to appoint a new Professor with expertise in the field of Geographical Education Research. The Professor will (further) develop the field of Geography Education Research (GER), by


  • contributing to international academic research and debate around questions of the value, nature and purpose of geography education in this day and age;

  • creating opportunities, stimulating initiatives and developing evidence-based innovations to strengthen the educational programmes of the faculty, especially in the Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning, in the context of a research university and changing educational settings;

  • advancing the cooperation between the academic geography domain and the teacher education programmes of the Graduate School of Teaching, in order to strengthen the geography teacher education programmes (pre- and in-service) in Utrecht, and - for the school geography community in the Netherlands - in the development of the school curriculum.


The Professor will be embedded in the Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning. The department has developed the challenging research programme ‘Urban Futures: Transitions towards Economic and Social Sustainable Cities'. In this programme, scholars from different sub disciplines in Human Geography and Planning work closely together on two main research themes: ‘Economic Urban Transitions' and ‘Social Urban Transitions'. Several interrelated topics are studied: urban economic resilience, networks and flows in and between urban regions, healthy urban living, urban inequalities and diversities, transnational mobility's, and smart urban governance. The department wishes her scientific knowledge to disseminate her educational programmes. Furthermore the department wants to play an important role in defining the content and practice of teaching in secondary education. To achieve these goals the department has installed a research group with a focus on Geography Education, the ‘Education and Education Innovation' group. The Professor will be heading this group.


The Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning offers a generic undergraduate programme in Human Geography and Planning and several specialised graduate programmes in the fields of economic and urban geography, GIS, spatial planning and international development studies. In the coming years, the chair will fulfil a specific role in the development and innovation of the undergraduate degree programme. The rapidly changing landscape of higher education, academic knowledge creation (in geography), and wider society raises specific questions about the design, relevance, and attractiveness of the programme. How to strengthen a futures perspective and a focus on (urban) social, economic and environmental sustainability issues throughout the programme? How to provide students with opportunities for personal development and to increa

We are looking for a candidate who has:


  • an excellent track record in university teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate level;

  • proven educational leadership in different settings (for example: academia, university of applied sciences, secondary education);

  • proven expertise in the domain of Geography Education Research, as demonstrated by a (inter)national publication record;

  • successful experience in the acquisition of (inter)national research funding for educational projects and programmes;

  • a track record of collaboration in national and international networks and organisations in the domain of geography education;

  • experience in supervising PhD students;

  • experience in running a research group;

  • clear and proven interest in societal problems and ambitions to engage in education and research interactions related to topics in Human Geography, such as Globalization, Mobilities, Sustainability.

  • strong ability to communicate with the non-academic world (politics, public administration, societal organizations).

  • willingness to function as Director of Education in the (near) future;

  • and is prepared to acquire knowledge of the Dutch language.

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess