Postdoctoral Fellow

Wonderful opportunity to be a part of a lab that contributes to fighting the worlds AIDS epidemic and finding the ultimate cure at Colorado State University in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado. The post-doc will use cutting edge immunology and virology techniques and approaches utilizing new generation humanized mouse models as part of research on HIV/AIDS pathogenesis, prevention & therapies. This represents a unique opportunity in molecular/translational virology research using humanized mouse models, lentiviral vectors, RNAi, and stem cells. This position will provide valuable experience for a future in either academia or industry.

Research Description:
We are looking for an enthusiastic post-doc to lead immunology and virology related in vivo projects with emphasis on HIV/SIV. The post-doc will independently and collaboratively conduct experiments in viral pathogenesis and evolution, gene therapy and pre/post exposure prophylaxis studies. See representative work: Neff CP et al Science Translational Medicine 3:66ra6, 2011, Veselinovic M et al Virology 489:173, 2016, Akkina R et al AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 32:109, 2016, Bennett M et al Viruses 12:3119, 2013