Career Opportunities of South China Normal University for High-level Talents

South China Normal University
Guangdong (CN)
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April 05 2017
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Full Time
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South China Normal University was established in 1933. Located in Guangzhou, Guangdong, South China Normal University is a member of “Project 211” and co-constructed by both the Ministry of Education of China and People’s Government of Guangdong Province. It is selected into the list of key construction universities in the  Guangdong High Level Universities Program. South China Normal University boasts three campuses, namely Shipai Campus, University City Campus and Nanhai Campus, with a total area of over 200 hectares. Now South China Normal University has 24,998 undergraduates, 7,312 master degree candidates, 821 doctoral degree candidates, 98 postdoctoral research fellows and over 1000 overseas students, thus forming a complete talent cultivation system covering bachelor, master, doctoral and postdoctoral programs.

South China Normal University has 1,934 full time teaching staff, 1,098 of whom have at least associate professor or associate researcher titles. Discipline covers 12 categories including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, and art. Four disciplines including chemistry, plant and animal science, engineering and mathematics enter ESI top 1%. 4 disciplines including Educational Technology, Developmental and Educational Psychology, Optics, Sociology of Physical Education enter national key disciplines. 3 disciplines including Psychology, Physical Education, Education enter top 10% in China Disciplines ranking 2012.  

The university’s comprehensive strength ranks the first class among China’s normal universities and local key universities, and has great fame and influence in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, East Asia and South Asia.

South China Normal University is currently recruiting high-level talents in China and abroad, welcome to join us!

Ⅰ. Research Disciplines with Vacancies Available

Physics (Theoretical Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Atom and Molecule Physics, Optics), Communication Engineering, Optical Engineering,Environment Science and Engineering, Material Science and Engineering,Mathematics (Pure Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics in Finance, Statistics), Economics, Management, Education(Comparative Education, Education Statistics and Measurement),Education Technology.

Ⅱ. Vacancies

1. High-level Academic Leaders

Candidates, preferably under 50 years old, should be qualified to be listed in national top talents or scientific research programs such as the Chang Jiang Scholars, Program of Global Experts, the China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientist. Candidate can work full time in our university.

2. Outstanding Young Scholars

Candidates, preferably under 40 years old, should preferably be listed in or have qualified for the National Thousand Young Talent Program, the Top Young Talents of National Special Support Program or the Science Foundation for Excellent Young Scholars. Candidate can work full time in our university.Eligible candidates should have good team spirit, leadership ability, outstanding academic achievements, a broad academic vision, experience with international collaboration and the potential to become leading academic researchers.

Ⅲ. Benefits

Academic Leader: The applicant, once accepted, will be provided with salary 600 thousand~1.2 million RMB per year, housing allowance of 3 to 4.5 Million RMB, research start-up fund will be commensurate with his/her current qualifications and experience.

Outstanding Young Scholars: The applicant, once accepted, will be provided with salary 300 thousand~ 500 thousand RMB per year, maximum housing allowance of 2 Million RMB, research start-up fund will be commensurate with his/her current qualifications and experience.

Before he or she buys an apartment, high level talents can apply for temporary apartment in our university. Children of High level talents can study in the affiliated kindergarten and primary school of SCNU.

Ⅳ. Documents for Application

One copy of CV,A list of research projects, publications (please specify collection by SCI, EI, SSCI, CSSCI as well as journal impact factor and citation frequency) and award-winning achievements during recent 5 years,A Copy of credential of holding an important position abroad or  in China.

Ⅴ​. Contact Information

Website of Human Resource Office:

Office Number: +86-20-85211061


Contact: Ms. Chen

Job Fair Series schedule for oversea high level talents

South China Normal University is going to arrange the following job fair series in Britain, American and Singapore for high level talents in 2017.

First Part: Britain

April 22nd, 2017         Imperial College London,London

April 23rd, 2017         University College London, London

April 24th, 2017         Queen Mary University of London, London

Second Part: American

May 20th, 2017         Los Angeles University of California, Los Angeles

May 21th, 2017         The Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School, Boston

This event is organized by Nature for Chinese scholars

May 24th, 2017        Faculty House at Columbia University, NewYork  

This event is organized by Nature for Chinese scholars

Third Part: Singapore

May 27th to 31st, 2017   National University of Singapore, the 21st oversea job fair for high level talents

Fourth Part: Shanghai

June 3rd, 2017 On-line job fair for oversea high level talents, Shanghai