The Announcement of the First Overseas Talents Academic Forum in Xuzhou Medical University

The Announcement of the First Overseas Talents Academic Forum

in Xuzhou Medical University

The first overseas talents academic forum in Xuzhou Medical University  will be held form 20 May, 2017 to 21 May, 2017.  It intends to invite overseas talents to make academic exchange and discussion on the frontier problems of medical science.  The forum aims to promote the interdisciplinary and academic innovation, to strengthen the cooperation and mutual trust and to deepen the understanding of Xuzhou Medical University.  Please visit the first page of the university office website for more details:

We sincerely welcome overseas talents to join us to realize dreams.

Qualifications for Applicants

  1. Distinguished overseas talents with doctoral degree, postdoctorates, assistant professors in the famous overseas universities and other high-level talents who would like to jour our university. Outstanding young talents who would like to apply for a position in our university or apply for talents programs through our university, such as “National Thousand Talents Plan”, “Cheung Kong Scholars”. “ Young Projects of the Thousands Talents Plan”, winners of the “Youth Projects of Cheung Kong Scholars”. “the Distinguished Professor of Jiangsu Province”, “Jiangsu Province of High-Level Innovation & Entrepreneurship Talents”.

Time and Form

20/04/2017 Application Deadline

Prior to 28/04/2017 Sending Conference Invitation

19/05/2017 Registration and Accommodation Arrangement

20-21/05/2017 Academic Forum and Visiting

22/05/2017 The End of the Forum


Application Form

  1. Please fill in the application form of the First Overseas Talents Academic Forum in Xuzhou Medical University, with full resumes and send them to the e-mail or directly reply to the invitation e-mail. Out University will make qualification examinations and send invitation letters. Invitees send the reply slip and attend the forum.

Transportation and Accommodation

  1. Food and accommodation are all for free, arranged by the university. The university will pay for the transportation expenses of participants and will arrange airport and train station shuttle service. After receiving the invitation, invitees could plan their own schedule and travel expenses can be reimbursed after the registration.


Contact Person:  Zhuo Wang, Xixi Dong, Xiaopeng Liu

Phone: +0086-516-83262043,    +0086-516-83262032