Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) Calls for Global Talents

Northwestern Polytechnical University
China (CN)
Salary Negotiable
March 19 2017
Position Type
Full Time

1. Brief Introduction of NPU

NPU comprises two campuses covering a total area of 841 acres – 198 for Youyi Campus and 643 for Chang’an Campus. NPU has more than 3,600 faculty staff including over 1,800 full and associate professors, 594 PhD supervisors, 24 Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) or the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) – including external members, more than 120 National High-level Talents including Scholars of Cheung Kung Program and Thousand Talents Program etc. NPU has established a distinctive multi-disciplinary system. Aeronautics, astronautics, and marine engineering are on the top, followed by the 3M (materials science, mechanical engineering and mechanics), the 3C (computer science, control, and communications) and natural sciences, supplemented by the disciplines of management, humanities, economics and law. Based on its foundation NPU has graduated 180,000 talents, including the first doctor in six disciplines in China. Among NPU’s alumni 45 are Academicians of the CAE or CAS.

NPU set up Special Talents Zones in 2013 for promoting interdisciplinary research, introducing talents team, and improving the talents development system in training, utilization, and retention of talents to produce talents mass effect to a large extent. The Special Talents Zones implement PI-Responsible system and take flexible staff employment and salary payment system, which is in line with the international norms in academic institutional structure, personnel system and administrative system. NPU sets up public management research area for Special Talents Zones in Youyi and Changan Campus, and has established 6 Special Talents Zones: Center for OPTical Imagery Analysis and Learning, Center for Nano Energy Materials, Research Center for Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Research Center for Computational Science, Brain Decoding Research Center, and Center for Big Data and Interdisciplinary Sciences.

NPU warmly welcomes talents home and abroad to join us all the year round. We will provide you with excellent scientific environment, tremendous development space and convenient talents service. We are looking forward to your coming. Let’s go ahead hand in hand and soar high with dreams.

2. Covered Disciplines 

a. Engineering

Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology, Armament Science and Technology, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Civil Engineering, Power Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics, Optical Engineering, etc.

b. Materials Science

Materials Science, Materials Processing Engineering, Materials Physics and Chemistry, etc

c. Information Science

 Electronics Science and Technology, Circuits and Systems, Information and Communications, Electrical Engineering, Navigation Guidance and Control, Control Theory and Control Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Information Safety, etc.

d. Natural and Applied Science

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc

e. Life Sciences and Ecology

Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Ecology, etc.

f. Humanities and Management

 Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, Public Administration, Economics, Law, Philosophy, Foreign Languages and Literature, etc

3. Positions Available and Benefits

 1)High-level Talents: 1000 Talents Plan Scholars, Distinguished Professors of Cheung Kong Scholars, Chair Professors of Cheung Kong Scholars, Winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Leading Talents of National Special Support Program, etc.

a. Appointed as professor, PhD supervisor and provided with 1-2 post-doctoral assistants.

b. Annual salary: RMB 600,000-1 million (pre-tax). For experts of short-term program, salary will paid according to the actual on-duty time.

c. NPU provides a new apartment of 148㎡ in Youyi Campus or 230㎡ in Changan Campus for purchase, and no less than 300,000 RMB settling-in allowance for full-time experts. NPU provides short-term experts with apartment for free.

d. Scientific research buildings and public laboratory platform will be provided by The Special Zones and relevant schools of NPU. 

 2)1000 Talents Plan Young Scholars

a. Appointed as professor, PhD supervisor (via “the green channel”, namely the special channel) and provided with 1-2 post-doctoral assistants.

b. RMB 500,000 subsidies from Shaanxi provincial government (tax-free) apart from subsidies from China’s central government.

c. Annual salary: RMB 400,000-500,000 (pre-tax).

d. NPU provides 135㎡ new apartment in Changan Campus or three-bed room apartment in Youyi Campus for purchase, or temporary apartment with RMB 600,000 settling-in allowance (enough for the down payment of 150㎡commercial residential building around Youyi Campus).

e. RMB 2,000,000-3,000,000 scientific research fund from NPU apart from fund from China’s central government. For those who fail to apply for 1000 Young Talents Plan will have the opportunity to apply for NPU’s “Soaring Talents Program” and the awardees will get RMB 1000,000 -3000, 000 scientific research start-up fund.

f. Scientific research buildings and public laboratory platform will be provided by the Special Talents Zones and relevant schools of NPU.

For those who enter the final interview, NPU will cover the international round-trip costs during the period of interview in NPU. You and your family members are welcome to NPU for experiencing NPU’s working and living environment.

  (3)  Excellent Young Teachers 

NPU implements tenure-track system since 2015 and welcomes excellent young teachers all the year round.

a. Professor:

      Applicants shall be under the age of 40.

      Annual salary: RMB 270, 000 (pre-tax)

      Settling-in Allowance: RMB 100, 000  

      Scientific research start-up fund: RMB 200,000 for those in natural sciences and engineering, RMB 100,000 for those in social sciences

b. Associate Professor:

      Applicants shall be under the age of 35.

      Annual salary: RMB 220, 000 (pre-tax)

      Settling-in Allowance: RMB 60, 000  

      Scientific research start-up fund: RMB 200,000 for those in natural sciences and engineering, RMB 100,000 for those in social sciences

c. Assistant Professor:

     Applicants shall be under the age of 33.

     Annual salary: RMB 180, 000 (pre-tax)

     Settling-in Allowance: RMB 40, 000(RMB 60, 000 for those obtaining overseas doctoral degree)

     Scientific research start-up fund: RMB 150,000 for those in natural sciences and engineering, RMB 80,000 for those in social sciences.


4.  How to Apply

   a. Those who apply for High-Level Talents and 1000 Talents Plan Young Scholars are welcome to submit CV to High-level Talents Office (

   Contacts: Zhang Xin, Sun Yixiao ;     Tel: +86-29-88495803

   b. Those who apply for excellent young teachers are welcome to submit CV to Teachers’ Office (

   Contacts: Zhang Minqiao, Zong Fan ;   Tel: +86-29-88492416


5.  Details of NPUs Talent Programs 

For additional information, please visit 

NPU sincerely invites excellent talents to join us all the year round.

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