Chemical Genomics Core Facility Research Associate

Midwest Region
Will be discussed.
March 17 2017
Position Type
Full Time
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The Chemical Genomics Core Facility (CGCF) at Indiana University is currently seeking a Research Associate. This position will involve providing medicinal chemistry and/or high throughput screening services to customers of the CGCF.

Masters degree (MS) in Chemistry or Biology, with 0-2 years of laboratory research experience or a Bachelor degree with 2-4 years of related chemistry experience.
• Be familiar with multi-step synthesis and structural characterization.
• Successful track record in chemistry or biology related area. • Knowledge of lab safety management such as reagent storage and waste disposals.

Basic knowledge or experience on High throughput screening and/or bioassay development is a plus.
• Publications in peer reviewed journals Multistep Synthesis and purification of small chemical compounds.
• Expertise with NMR and LC/MS analysis for confirmation of chemical purity.
• Use and maintenance of equipment within the CGCF.
• Organize lab inventories, order suppliers and communicate with scientists and customers in the a plus.