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NMR Post-Doctoral Position
March 14 2017
NMR Post-Doctoral Scholar
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NMR Post-Doctoral Position

The Center for Environmental Systems Biochemistry (CESB) has a position available for a postdoctoral scholar who is interested in human cancer metabolism, using high resolution NMR and/or in vivo NMR/imaging technologies. A solid background in NMR and applications is required, and a strong interest in metabolic biochemistry.
Our expectations for a post-doctoral scholar include contributing intellectually to the project(s), proactive initiative on the project(s), helping with staff training and achieving good productivity without strict consideration for working hours.  Training will be provided as necessary. Example duties of the incumbent include 1) conduct NMR analyses of stable isotope-resolved metabolomic (SIRM) experiments on cell cultures, animal models, and human tissues to define cancer-specific reprogrammed metabolic pathways and how they respond to environmental stresses; 2) obtain isotopomer distributions from NMR analysis of biological extracts to help reconstruct metabolic pathways; 3) help identify important metabolic targets for further proof-of-concept development as therapeutic agents; 4) assist routine maintenance of the NMR instrumentation and development and implementation of novel NMR methods; 5) assist in collaborative projects at our NIH-funded RCSIRM center; 6) present at conferences and help prepare manuscripts and proposals. CESB currently has a 14.1 T Agilent DD2 spectrometer with automation and a 3 mm HCN cold probe, a 16.45 T Bruker Avance III spectrometer with dual receivers, automation, a 1.7 mm HCN cryoprobe and a 5 mm HCNP quad cryoprobe, and a Bruker 9.4 T dual receiver imaging/spectrometer with imaging coils, surface coils and a 10 mm BB probe.

Please contact Drs. Andrew Lane (andrew.lane@uky.edu), Teresa Fan (twmfan@gmail.com) for further information.