Global Faculty Recruitment at Life Sciences Institute, Zhejiang University

Life Sciences Institute Zhejiang University
Hangzhou, Zhejiang (CN)
Salary negotiable
March 20 2017
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Full Time
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The Life Sciences Institute (LSI) is the first Special Academic Zone of Zhejiang University, located in the historical, cultural and most livable city of Hangzhou, China. Founded in October, 2009, Dr. Xin-Hua Feng was selected as its founding director and Dr. Kun-Liang Guan as the co-director. LSI has appointed a group of bioscientists with international vision to the Scientific Advisory Board that serves to advise healthy development of the Institute as well as guide research programs of individual investigators in the Institute.

LSI aims to become a biomedical research institution with international reputation by recruiting top-tier scientists from the world and establishing exceptional research programs in fundamental life and health sciences. LSI currently has 26 faculty in the areas of cancer biology, regenerative medicine, inflammation biology, systems biology and structural biology. LSI runs its own graduate program and enjoys unparalleled freedom in research, personnel employment and financial flexibility within the university. LSI offers a state-of-the-art facility, including next-generation sequencer, super-resolution microscopy, multi-color flow cytometry, small animal in vivo imaging and a large number of shared facilities on campus.

LSI has enjoyed its impressive start in the last seven years. To further strenghthen its international competitiveness, LSI plans to expand its research programs with first-class research scientists. Here LSI cordially invites outstanding scientists at all ranks around the world to join LSI.


LSI plans to recruit both full-time and part-time scientists, including non-Chinese nationals, from any countries. Candidates who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievements and great potentials in biomedical research are encouraged to apply for full-time positions (tenure-track and tenured). In addition, LSI will also recruit several prominent biomedical scientists as part-time scholars to establish a top-level mentoring system. Although positions are open to all disciplines in biology and medicine, we are particularly interested in those researchers who have worked in inter-disciplinary areas such as cancer, stem cells, inflammation biology, chemical biology, structural biology (esp. cryo-EM) and translational research.


  • Full-time Faculty

* Distinguished Investigator (Endowed Chair Professor)

Candidates should be a leading scientist in the respective fields of biomedical research. Candidates are expected to build up his/her own research programs that continue to lead in the world, and also have the vision to guide LSI toward international competitiveness and reputation.

* Senior Investigator (Tenured Associate or Full Professor)

Candidates should have obtained (or are expected to obtain) tenured faculty positions with a strong research background, internationally-recognized contributions and proven records of leading innovative research.

* Investigator

Candidates should have an outstanding postdoctoral training record with high-impact publications and a great potential to carry out independent and leading innovative research in biomedical sciences.


a) Annual salary and benefits: ≥500,000 RMB or CNY (1 RMB = 0.145 USD);

b) Relocation allowance: 1-2 million RMB (tax exempt; qualification-based) for

   the national or provincial talent program awardees;

c) Research support funds:

  1. Start-up support: ≥5 million RMB or negotiable;
  2. National scholarship fund: 2-3 million RMB offered to National “1000 Young-Talents Program” awardees by the Chinese national government;
  3. Other funding opportunities from various talent recruitment and research support programs at national or local levels;
  4. Sustained and stable funding support will be provided after tenure promotion.

d) Housing: Housing subsidies for own or rent are available for all candidates.

  Chinese citizens are also eligible to own a hugely subsidized apartment

  (~140m2) in the university housing subdivision;

e) Guaranteed graduate student quota;

f) Lab space: ≥200 m2;

g) Postdoctoral fellowship: Outstanding postdoctoral fellows will be supporte

   by the institute.

Please submit the following materials in PDF format to:

  1. A full CV including educational background, research experiences, a list of publications and funding record;
  2. A future research plan;
  3. Demonstration of academic achievements (such as copies of representative publications);
  4. At least three letters of recommendation submitted directly by the referees.
  • Part-time Scholar (Distinguished Fellow)

LSI plans to establish a PI mentor program through recruitment of part-time visionary scientists (Distinguished Fellows), who are world-renown leaders and have international influence in biomedical sciences. The Distinguished Fellows may be entitled as national endowed professors via National “1000-Talents Program” and “Foreign Experts 1000-Talents Program”. The Distinguished Fellows will serve as mentors guiding individual junior faculty members’ research program and advise LSI’s overall development. The Distinguished Fellows may also build his/her own research group in the Institute. LSI will provide attractive stipends, housing, start-up research funds and lab spaces. 

Please email to if you are interested.

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