Beijing Information Science & Technology University Recruitment Announcement

Beijing Information Science & Technology University
Beijing (CN)
Salary Negotiable
March 15 2017
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type

Located in Beijing city, Beijing Information Science & Technology University is a teaching and research university and aims to cultivate the high quality practical talents. The University recruits full-time undergraduate students and postgraduate students from 29 provinces of China covering disciplines of engineering, management, science, economics and law and offers bachelor's and master's degree. At present, the university has more than 1360 staff members and is a key university supervised by Beijing Municipality.

Beijing Information Science and Technology University has three campuses, namely Xiaoying, Jianxiangqiao and Qinghe covering an area of 500 Mu and 333200 square meters of buildings. Fixed asset reaches 1.059 billion including 505 million scientific research instruments. The library has 1.14 million books and electronic book 16.9 TB.

The university has more than 12000 full-time students including 1100 postgraduate students and 11000 undergraduate students. The reasonably structured, quality faculty team of BISTU is composed of 813 full-time academic teachers, of whom 386 are doctoral degree holders, 474 are professors or holding senior professional titles. Of the faculties, 351 are master supervisors and 22 are Ph.D. supervisors. The faculty team is honored for 6 duplex-engaged Academicians.With their excellent contribution to education, the faculties have also been awarded a series of honors, such as 2 National Teacher of Excellence, 9 Municipal Teacher of Excellence, 8 National Teaching Team of Excellence, 24 Teaching Team of Excellence of Beijing Municipality, 37 Beijing Teacher of Preeminence and Outstanding Leading Talents, and 107 Key Teachers of Beijing Planning of Education Enhancement.   

The University has 18 schools (academic divisions/education centers), namely School of Electromechanical Engineering, School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering, School of Automation, School of Information & Communication Engineering, School of Computer Science, School of Economics and Management, School of Information Management, School Of Marxism,  School of Media & Public Administration, School of Foreign Studies, School of Applied Sciences, School of International Exchange, Postgraduate School, Division of Physical Education, Electromechanical Experiment and Training Center, Electronic information and control experimental teaching center and School of Continuing Education. The University distinguishes itself with featured education in 36 undergraduate programs. Currently the University has 14 first-tier disciplines of master degrees and 43 second-tier ones. In addition, the University offers 2 professional master degrees, i.e., Master of Engineering and MBA, as well as other 9 master programs.

The University continues to boost globalization of education. As of today, inter-school cooperative relationship has been established between BISTU and over 50 universities in the U.S., Britain, Canada, Germany, France, Ireland, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Japan, South Korea and regions like Taiwan.

To meet the requirement of discipline construction and university development, the BISTU offers multiple positions to high-end talents.

School website:  Tel:010-82426865

Qualification for applicant

1.Ideological quality. The applicant should has high political quality, abide by the professional ethic, has enthusiasm for the educational cause, ambition and has good sense of team work spirit.

2.Subject disciplines.Those who apply for teaching positions should has correspondent discipline education background; Those who apply for other positions, should has similar discipline education background with school’s main subject.

3. Academic degree. The applicant should hold the required degree.

4. Age requirement. PhD graduates should below age of 35 and postgraduates below 27.

5.Requirement for foreign language. Those who apply for teaching positions should has the ability of conducting free communication.

6.Physical and mental quality. The applicant should be healthy and with excellent psychological quality.

7.Applicants should meet the requirement of talent introduction in Beijing city if they didn’t registered permanent residence in Beijing.

8. Applicants with overseas education background are preferred.


Carried out by the relevant requirements of state, Beijing city and university.

Deadline Dates for Application:

January 5,2017-March 31,2017

Application Procedure

1.Please send your CV to the relevant contacts in attachment.

2.Those who apply for administrative management position and professional and technical post, please fill application in attachment and name the mail subject and attachment in this way: “Position-Name-Gender-Birth Date”.

Recruitment Procedure


2.Resume Screening. Selected by the school employing units according to the needs of the applicant, the applicant's professional direction, political position, social practice experience or work experience screening.

3.Face to face meeting, if needed.

4.Written examination. According to the needs of the employer, the employer shall test the professional knowledge and ability of the candidates.

5.Interview.The applicants will take the trial teaching or structured interview.

6.Psychological test, Organized by the school.

7.Physical examination, Organized by the school.

8. Identify the candidates.

9. Publicity. In the campus network home page,the list of candidates will be publicized for 7 working days.

2017 recruitment plan see attachment 1.

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