Università degli Studi di Parma
March 01 2017
Position Type
Full Time

Public selection for the recruitment of 1 Researcher under art. 24, paragraph 3, letter b) of Law 30 December 2010, no. 240.

Place of employment: Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences.

Maximum number of publications that the candidate may submit: 12 (twelve)

Required Language skills: english Teaching duties:one assignment per year, teaching a course in Geometry or in basic mathematics or in a specialized branch of geometry, for a yearly total not exceeding 120 yours. Research: full application is required in Differential Geometry and/or Complex Geometry, and with a substantial production of highest level papers published in internationally recognized journals. Teaching duties may include lectures, tutorials, support in any other forms of student instruction, grading and evaluation of papers and evaluation of final exams, on the subjects and topics covered by the contract. Frontal instruction for up to 120 hours is required, according to university regulations.For the submission of the application form refer to "Art. 3 - Domanda di ammissione" (Art. 3 Application form)of the aforementioned announcement.

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess