Nanchang University Seeking Overseas and Domestic High-level Talents

Nanchang University
Nanchang (Prefecture), Jiangxi (CN)
salary negotiable
February 10 2017
Position Type
Full Time

To speed up the establishment of a high level and comprehensive university with distinctive regional characteristics, Nanchang University (NCU) is now seeking overseas and domestic high-level talents, including distinguished talents, leading talents in corresponding disciplines and academic direction leaders. Overseas and domestic talents are welcome to join in NCU. Display your talents, realize your dream and seek common development!

I. Qualifications:

1) Distinguished talents: academicians of academy of science or engineering; chief scientists or general directors of National “973 Program” or National “863 Program”, recognized leading talents in philosophy and social science; professors in overseas prestigious universities or senior researchers in research institutes; members of national “Thousand Talents Plan”; winners of important international or national teaching or researching awards; well-known scholars who have received internationally and nationally recognized significant achievements.

2) Leading talents in corresponding disciplines: members of “Cheung Kong scholars program” distinguished professor program; recipients of the National Natural Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars; leading talents of “Naitonal Tezhi Plan”; members of the “National Hundred, Thousand, and Ten-Thousand Talents Project”; members of “Hundred-Talent Program” (Chinese Academy of Sciences); members of national “Thousand Young Talents Plan”; associate professors or those with corresponding professional titles in prestigious overseas universities or research institutes; international and domestic well-known scholars in the area of philosophy and social science; in principle applicants should be below the age of the 55.

3) Academic direction leaders: applicants should  be below the age of 45 and possess a PhD degree. Professional title of assistant professor or above in overseas universities or research institutes is required. Applicants should be able to grasp the frontier area of their chosen disciplines and have already made certain academic achievements. They should be capable of applying for and presiding over international cooperative or national scientific research projects and the research results in chosen direction should keep up with international level. NCU shall support as its priorities those who apply for national “Thousand Young Talents Plan” and “National Tezhi Plan” outstanding young talents and other talents plans.

II. Treatments:

An annual salary of 250,000 to 1200,000 RMB shall be provided to introduced talents according to individual situations. Meanwhile, preferential policies and key supports shall be offered in terms of scientific research supporting funds, housing, construction of research platforms and research teams.

III. Application method:

Applicants can contact us directly to learn about details (see below for contacts). Relevant recruitment announcements can also be found on the official website of NCU. Since the date of announcement, NCU shall be recruiting talents in a long term.

Applicants please send materials in electronic form to designated email address. Materials  include Recommendation form of Candidates Introduced to NCU as High-level Innovative Talents(; copies of relevant proofs of applicant’s academic level in recent five years (scientific research projects, patents, published academic papers, other academic research  achievements, awards and honorary titles).

IV. Contact information:

Phone: 0791-83969076   0791-83969079

Fax: 0791-83968717


Contact: Mr. Luo, Mr. Xiong

Zip code: 330031


Personnel Division, Nanchang University 

999, Xuefu Road, Honggutanxinqu, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China