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Singapore (SG)
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January 25 2017
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CSI Singapore, National University of Singapore, is a state-of-the-art research center with a multifaceted and coordinated approach to cancer research, extending from basic cancer studies all the way to experimental therapeutics. The focus of the institute is on cancers endemic to Asian populations such as gastric, liver, lung, leukemia and breast cancers. The institute houses a full spectrum of research and clinical translational facilities. This major center is led by a team of world-class scientists with significant government funding from Singapore‚Äôs National Research Foundation and Ministry of Education.

We are seeking individuals with exceptional scientific credentials to join a vibrant, dynamic team at Cancer Science Institute of Singapore (CSI) Singapore.

A postdoctoral position is available immediately at Prof Daniel Tenen's laboratory for MD and/or Ph.D. fellows interested in gene regulation and epigenetics in cancer and stem cell biology.

Advantages of working in the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore include grants for senior postdoctoral fellows in order to assist them in the transition to junior faculty, the availability to recruit outstanding graduate students to their projects, and the opportunity to work with some excellent bioinformaticians and genomicists.

The main focus is the role of RNA in epigenetic regulation, particularly in hematopoiesis and leukemia. Examples are regulation of key transcription factors by RNAs, including long noncoding RNAs (Ebralidze et al, Genes Dev 22:2085, 2008), RNA editing in cancer (Chen et al, Nature Medicine 19:209, 2013), how RNAs modulate and can be utilized to alter epigenetics marks (Di Ruscio et al, Nature 503:371, 2013), and the role of epigenetic changes in development of the cancer phenotype (Amabile et al, Nat Commun. 6:709, 2015). But other projects involving gene regulation and cancer are ongoing as well. 

Candidates must have a proven track record in research and laboratory work in the form of publications in top English language journals. Ability to communicate in written and spoken English required. Applications should include full curriculum vitae, publication list, information on years of experience in research and laboratory work, and names and contact information (e-mail and telephone numbers) of three referees. Please also include a summary of your research experience, a brief description of the research you intend to focus on and why you are interested in the position applied.

Please use the "Go to application page" button for more details on the projects where positions are available, and to submit your application.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

*As there are several positions available, it is very important that you indicate in your application the name of the Principal Investigator to whom you would like to apply to, in order that it is correctly forwarded