Tenure-Track Faculty Positions in Southeast University

Southeast University
Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Salary Negotiable
December 31 2016
Position Type
Full Time

Tenure-Track Faculty Positions in Southeast University


Southeast University (SEU) is one of the national key universities administered directly under the Central Government and the Ministry of Education of China. Located in the ancient capital city of Nanjing, Southeast University is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in China. Southeast University has become a comprehensive and research-oriented university featuring the coordinated development of such multi-disciplines as science, engineering, medicine, literature, law, philosophy, education, economics, management, art, etc., with engineering as its focus.

In recent years, Southeast University, with its painstaking effort in discipline development, has achieved plentiful accomplishments. In the third round of China Discipline Ranking in 2012, 15 disciplines rank among the first 20% of all nationwide, 12 among the first seven, and 10 among the first five. Specially, the three disciplines of biomedical engineering, communication and transportation engineering as well as art theory rank first nationwide, occupying the seventh place in terms of the number; besides, the three disciplines of architecture, electronic science and technology as well as landscape architecture rank nationally second; the two disciplines of civil engineering as well as urban and rural planning, nationally third; the discipline of information and communication engineering, fourth; the discipline of instrument science and technology, fifth; the discipline of power engineering and engineering thermophysics, sixth; and the discipline of public health and preventive medicine, seventh. In addition, the eight disciplines of engineering science, materials science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and biochemistry, clinical medicine and computer science rank among the first 1% of global ESI database, engineering science ranks 59th and ranks among the first 1‰ of global ESI database.

Requirements & Qualifications

Southeast University invites applications from outstanding scientists for tenure track positions, and positions of chair professors and visiting professors. The University also provides distinguished candidates with very strong continuing support to apply for programs such as “1000 Plan Professorship for Young Talent” and “Chang Jiang Scholars Program”. Recruitment details can also be found at http://www.seu.edu.cn/00/e7/c137a231/page.htm

1000 Plan Professorship for Young Talent

Applicants should be in engineering or natural sciences major; with Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. degree from a world-renowned university with at least 3 years of research experience, or with PhD degree from Mainland China with at least 5 years of research and teaching experience abroad. Applicants should have a position in a well-known university or other corresponding institutions overseas.

Chang Jiang Scholars Program (Distinguished Professors/Young Scholars)

Distinguished Professors:

Applicants should hold at least associate professor or other equivalent positions in well-known universities. Successful applicants should work full-time in the university. The employment contract is for 5 years.

Young Scholars

Applicants should be in a field of engineering or natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, with Ph.D. or M.D. /Ph.D. Applicants should have a strong research background as well as teaching experience. A domestic applicant should hold at least associate professor or other equivalent positions in well-known universities. Successful applicants should work full-time in the university. The employment contract is for 5 years.

Contact Us

The application period is not limited.

Qualified applicants for “1000 Plan Professorship for Young Talent” and “Chang Jiang Scholars Program” are invited to send the job intention letter and CV by email to the contact person of respective schools (departments) enclosed and below: 

School of Architecture - HAN Dongqing - handongqing_seu@sina.com

School of Mechanical Engineering - NI Zhenhua - zhni@seu.edu.cn

School of Energy & Environment - ZHONG Wenqi - wqzhong@seu.edu.cn

School of Information Science and Engineering - HONG Wei - weihong@seu.edu.cn

School of Civil Engineering - WU Gang - g.wu@seu.edu.cn

School of Electronic Science and Engineering - SUN Weifeng - swffrog@seu.edu.cn

Mathematics Department - CAO Jinde - jdcao@seu.edu.cn

School of Automation - WEI Haikun - hkwei@seu.edu.cn

School of Computer Science and Engineering - LUO Junzhou jluo@seu.edu.cn

Department of Physics - YANG Yonghong - yhyang@seu.edu.cn

School of Biological Science & Medical Engineering - GU Zhongze - gu@seu.edu.cn

School of Materials Science & Engineering - XUE Feng xuefeng@seu.edu.cn

School of Humanities - WANG Jue - wj5838@seu.edu.cn

School of Economics & Management - ZHAO Lindu - ldzhao@seu.edu.cn

School of Electrical Engineering - ZHAO Jianfeng - jianfeng_zhao@seu.edu.cn

School of Foreign Languages - CHEN Meihua - meihuachen123@126.com

Department of Physical Education - CAI Xiaobo - cxb0519@163.com

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering - LIN Baoping - lbp@seu.edu.cn

School of Transportation - LIU Pan - liupan@seu.edu.cn

School of Instrument Science & Engineering - SONG Aiguo - a.g.song@seu.edu.cn

School of Arts - WANG Tingxin - wangtingxin88@sina.com

School of Law - LIU Yanhong - 13770752525@163.com

Medical School - LIU Naifeng - liunf_2006@126.com

School of Public Health - YIN Lihong - lhyin@seu.edu.cn

School of Marxism - YUAN Jiuhong - yjh@seu.edu.cn

Research Center for Learning Science - LIU Xiaoyun - 101002517@seu.edu.cn

Institute of Life Sciences - XIE Wei - wei.xie@seu.edu.cn

International Institute For Urban Systems Engineering - WANG Xin - wangxin@seu.edu.cn

Research Center of Intelligent Transportation System - QIAN Zhendong - qianzd@seu.edu.cn

Zhongda Hospital Southeast University - TENG Gaojun - gjteng@seu.edu.cn