Chongqing Medical University(CQMU) Seeks High-caliber Talents from Across the Globe

Chongqing Medical University
Chongqing (CN)
Salary Negotiable
November 25 2016
Position Type
Full Time

I. About us  

Located in the center of Chongqing, the largest municipality of China, CQMU is a leading medical university jointly administered and supported by the country’s Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health as well as Chongqing Municipal Government.

As a research-intensive institution, the university excels, among other disciplines, in the innovation for minimally-invasive and noninvasive medicine. Housing Chongqing Co-Innovation Center for Minimally-invasive and Noninvasive Medicine, College of Biomedical Engineering, and a key lab jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology and Chongqing Municipality, the university is also in strategic partnership with the National Engineering Research Center for Ultrasound in Medicine, and Chongqing Haifu Hospital. Such synergy has enabled CQMU to become a global leader in interdisciplinary studies on high-energy acoustics and focused ultrasound surgery(FUS). The university boasts a state-of-the-art platform that integrates higher education, basic research, equipment development and manufacturing, and clinical application.

After 28 years of persistent strive for innovation, CQMU is now a world leader in the R&D of large-scale ultrasound therapy system, high-intensity focused ultrasound transducer, and acoustic peak pressure measurement. The High Acoustic Pressure Lab has succeeded in detecting the highest peak pressure worldwide. The university is also home to JC-HIFU Tumor Therapy System, the first of its kind in the world. To date, our HIFU devices have been exported to 23 countries and regions, including the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia and Japan. Over 70,000 patients with benign or malignant tumors and more than 2 million cases of other conditions have been treated with our devices in over 2000 hospitals worldwide, a global record in both the number and the types of patients treated.  A pace setter in researches on focused ultrasound surgery, CQMU is the seat of the permanent secretariat of the International Society for Minimally-invasive and Non-invasive Medicine (ISMINIM).   

In the past five years, the research team at CQMU has received grant totaling RMB 100 million to undertake National Key Scientific Instrument and Equipment Development Project, National Key Basic Research Program of China (973 Program), Key Projects in the National Science & Technology Pillar Program during the Twelfth Five-year Plan Period, and the State Key Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China. CQMU was a second prize winner of the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2010, and the State Technological Invention Award in 2000.  

Featuring minimally-invasive and noninvasive extracorporeal treatment, focused ultrasound surgery represents a new trend in medical science and technology. 28 years into this field, CQMU is at the forefront of this cutting-edge technology which signifies the future of therapeutic medicine. However, a lot remains to be done in terms of technological innovation and application to make FUS readily accessible and acceptable to today’s doctors. That is why we are eager to have your participation.  

We believe your participation will make a difference!

II. Whom we seek

A. Outstanding scholars

Qualifications and terms

1. Candidates must have full professorship or comparable titles from prestigious universities, hospitals, or research institutions and a proven track record of success in conducting top-notch research; he/she shall work with CQMU for a minimum of three years.

2. Also eligible are candidates with the following titles / honors or comparable qualifications: honorees of the 1000 Talent Plan; the Distinguished Professors of the Yangtze River Scholars Program, Long-term Innovative Talents; Special-term Professor, recipients of National Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholar, or Lead Scientist of National Key Basic Research Program of China (973 Program).

Salary and benefits

For successful candidates, we offer:

A setting-in allowance of RMB 1,000,000

Purchasable housing: A 120 m2 apartment at a price lower than the market price

A startup package for research at the value of RMB 1,500,000

A contractual annual base salary of RMB 500,000-600,000 within five years of recruitment

Assistance with spouse employment and children’s schooling

B. Young talents

Qualifications and terms

Candidates must have:

A doctoral degree and at least 3 years of experience in studying or working in a renowned university, hospital or research institution (shorter overseas stay is allowable for exceptionally outstanding talents), and a proven track record of academic achievements.

Successful candidates shall serve their bond for 3 years.

Salary and benefits

Tenure track faculty position

A setting-in allowance of RMB 500,000

A startup package for research at the value of RMB 500,000

A contractual annual base salary of RMB 250,000 to 350,000 within five years of recruitment

C. Postdoctoral researchers

Qualifications and terms

Candidates must have:

A doctoral degree

A solid theoretical foundation and a high level of academic competence

Relevant academic background and research experience

Team spirit and independence

Authorship (First author or corresponding author) of high-caliber research in SCI journals

Salary and benefits

A contractual annual base salary of RMB 200,000-250,000

A start-up package for research

The opportunity to be offered a tenure track faculty position comparable to Associate Professor or above

IV. Job openings  

Positions are available in the following areas of specialization:

Acoustic materials, ultrasound transducer, high power ultrasonic power supply, phased array ultrasound focusing, ultrasonic signal processing for detection, measurement and imaging, biomedical engineering, physical acoustics, clinical medicine, cell and tissue engineering

V. Contact information

Interested candidates should submit applications to Mr. Yonghong Du, College of Biomedical Engineering, Chongqing Medical University

Address: P.O. Box: 153, 1 Yixueyuan Rd., Yuzhong District, Chongqing, P. R. China 400016

Telephone: +86-023-68485021