Postdoctoral Fellow

San Diego, California
Commensurate with NIH guidelines based on experience
November 07 2016
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Full Time
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Our laboratory investigates the genetic regulators of tissue development, differentiation, and homeostasis using the human epidermis as a model system. We investigate candidate protein and noncoding genetic elements in primary human epidermal cells, reconstituted organotypic human epidermis, and xenografted skin models. Our techniques include genome engineering (CRISPR/Cas9) gain/loss-of-function and mutagenesis, as well as whole transcriptome and proteome analysis. From the bedside, we obtain patient samples of uncommon or mosaic skin diseases and use next-generation sequencing to identify causative gene candidates. We investigate these variants using our model systems to develop a comprehensive molecular understanding of the pathogenesis of human epithelial diseases.

This postdoctoral fellowship offers the opportunity to develop a unique niche in investigating genetic elements required for epithelial tissue development and disease using primary human cells and tissue models. Candidates with an interest in studying scientific questions with a focus on human disease will find excellent opportunities to develop projects that are closely linked from bedside-to-bench.