Bioinformatics role

AstraZeneca is a global, science-driven biopharmaceutical company. We are dedicated to discovering, developing, and delivering innovative, meaningful medicines and healthcare solutions that enrich the lives of patients. Our vision for Respiratory is to lead with innovative precision medicines and to transform disease management that improves quality of life and restore patients' lives; and for Inflammation and Autoimmunity to develop best-in-class and first-in-class treatments for a breadth of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases with unmet medical needs.

The RIA Bioinformatics team works within the RIA IMed Biotech unit on projects spanning from new target discovery to early clinical trials. The group based in Gothenburg, Sweden, currently has 6 full time positions and balances activities between three areas of focus: disease characterization and target discovery; drug project support; and translational bioscience from preclinical drug discovery to early clinical development.

We offer an exciting opportunity for an experienced, talented and motivated Bioinformatician to join the group.  In addition to a thorough educational grounding in Bioinformatics, the post-holder should have substantial experience in working in and/or leading bioinformatics teams, extracting knowledge from a broad range of data and information sources and providing actionable insights into complex biological problems. Of particular interest will be applicants with experience in immunology and/or respiratory diseases, whilst a strong publication record is essential.


  • Work with wet-lab scientists and fellow bioinformaticians to drive cutting edge science applied to the RIA goals of project generation, drug discovery, and translational bioscience through the application of bioinformatics.
  • Contribute to the leadership of the Bioinformatics team and discipline through owning area(s) of scientific expertise, and/or line management
  • Generate actionable biological insight from a broad range of data and information sources, particularly next-generation-sequencing technologies, literature informatics, preclinical models, clinical patient and real world evidence data.
  • Find new ways of analyzing, modelling and visualizing multi-omic and phenotypic data to discover and interpret meaningful patterns and relationships.
  • Publish high impact papers in peer reviewed journals.
  • Work with Bioinformatics colleagues and RIA research leadership in defining and delivering the RIA Bioinformatics goals, strategy and vision
  • Proactively engage in knowledge sharing and peer support across disciplines.
  • Train and build tools for our bench science community to effectively access key data.
  • Collaborate with academia and across industry, and exploit external resources, to find the most effective solutions to the key challenges in Respiratory, Inflammatory and Autoimmune disease drug discovery.


  • Undergraduate degree and relevant PhD /MSc. (or equivalent graduate degree plus experience) combining expertise in:
    • Immunology, Respiratory biology or genetics/genomics of human disease.
    • Bioinformatics, computational biology, or biological data modeling.
    • Additional post-doctoral or applied experience in a relevant field is desirable.


  • A strong publication record, demonstrating  valuable contributions to scientific projects
  • A fundamental understanding of the biological systems involved in human disease.
  • Skilled in effective communication of complex data to a non-expert.
  • Expertise in a particular field of Bioinformatics research and/or management
  • Proficiency in analysing and interpreting data from multiple 'omic platforms inc. NGS.
  • Competence in applying R (inc. use of Bioconductor) to the analysis and visualisation of data
  • Programming in Python/Perl in a Unix/Linux and Windows environment.
  • Valuable contributions to scientific projects recognised through peer reviewed publication.



  • A deep understanding of Immunology and the molecular drivers of respiratory, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases
  • A thorough understanding of the contribution of bioinformatics to drug discovery.
  • An innovative approach to bringing big data together in biologically meaningful ways.
  • Experience in network building and value extraction from commercial knowledge engineering resources (e.g. MetaCore, Ingenuity Pathway Analysis, Pathway Studio, GOBIOM)
  • Experience in extracting value from public domain bioinformatics repositories (e.g.GEO, Expression Atlas, GWAS, Broad, EBI and NIH resources, AERS, clinical trial dbs)
  • Expertise in software to manipulate large datasets (e.g. Spotfire, Qlucore, Pipeline Pilot, R based packages, Excel)
  • Fundamental statistical analysis skills applied to large datasets (R, MATLAB)
  • Experience/exposure to pharmacology data or clinical endpoints.
  • Awareness of large-scale pattern recognition techniques (graph modeling, machine learning, Bayesian analytics).
  • Well networked within external bioinformatics and RIA science communities.
  • Effective contributions to collaborative projects involving cross-disciplinary and global teams.


More information

For more information about the position please contact: Graham Belfield at +46 31 7762094.

Welcome with your application no later than September 26, 2016.