Post-Doctoral Associate - Hormel Fellow

About the Job

Dr. Zigang Dong's Cellular and Molecular Biology lab currently has 5-10 openings for Postdoctoral Fellows ("Hormel Fellows").  Responsibilities will include participation in the design, implementation and evaluation of research projects, defining and solving scientific problems, carrying out laboratory experiments, developing experimental procedures, collecting and analyzing data, and preparing manuscripts for publication.


Postdoctoral positions require candidates with a Ph.D or equivalent.  These postdoctoral positions require experience in one or more of the following areas: tumor immunology, animal models, immunological techniques to study the role of various proteins in tumor development, molecular and cellular biology, cancer cell biology, protein crystallography, biological computation/informatics, stem cell regulation, signal transduction, gene expression, epigenetics, drug development, functional genomics, molecular carcinogenesis, chemoprevention, cancer therapeutics or other areas of cancer research.  Applicants should be creative, organized, highly motivated and capable of working independently as well as in a team approach.  Preference will be given to candidates with experience in cryo-electron microscopy.

About the Hormel Institute

The Hormel Institute, a biomedical research center of the University of Minnesota, was established in 1942 and has an excellent reputation and long history for producing world-class medical research.  The Institute‚Äôs research success has resulted in a second major expansion of its research facilities and includes an additional new state-of-the-art laboratory building that opened in January 2016.  The Hormel Institute offers its research scientists complete access to state-of-the- art cutting edge equipment that includes a cryo-electron microscope (Titan Krios and Tecnai G2 Spirit Biotwin); FACS cell sorter; confocal microscopy; flow cytometry; protein crystallography robotics and defraction system; nano-HPLC-AB SCIEX triple TOF 5600 mass spectrometry; Leica tissue processor, embedder and microtome; real-time PCR instrumentation; a Blue Gene/L and 3 racks of Linux GPU supercomputers for computational biology and bioinformatics; spectrophotometers; and Western blot imagers.

How to Apply

To apply, please forward CV and supporting application materials including three (3) professional references to Dr. Zigang Dong,