Postdoctoral Positions in Single Cell Biology at University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (US)
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July 18 2016
Position Type

The labs of Junhyong Kim and Jim Eberwine have multiple open postdoctoral positions in computational biology, experimental genomics, or combination of both. We are jointly pursuing multiple single cell biology projects including: characterization of single cells from humans, functional identification of cell phenotypes, and RNA biology of individual cells. We are also actively developing novel technologies including multiplex RNA manipulations, new machine learning methods, and models of system function. Our groups tightly integrate both computational modeling and experimental approaches in addressing basic biological questions (e.g., evolution of cell function) and translational applications (e.g., identifying novel drug targets). We especially value a broad interdisciplinary outlook, an ability to work well with others and scientific creativity.

The computational biology positions require expertise in programming, familiarity with NGS tools, and statistical analysis; expertise in machine learning and high-dimensional data is desirable. The experimental genomics positions require expertise in molecular biology and transcriptomics; expertise in cell culture, imaging, neuroscience and genomic technologies is desirable.

Please send to or (1) cover letter describing interest in the position and future research interests (not to exceed one page); (2) CV; (3) names and contact information for three references.