Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL)
June 27 2016
Position Type
Full Time
Topic: Molecular and cellular control of pancreatic islet function in normal conditions and in diabetes.

The endocrine pancreas, organized in islets of Langerhans, plays a key role in glucose homeostasis. The islets contain three major cell types, β-, α-, and δ-cells, which secrete insulin, glucagon and somatostatin, respectively. Insulin is the main hypoglycemic hormone of the body, whereas glucagon is hyperglycemic. The secretion of both hormones is controlled by glucose in an opposite way since the sugar stimulates insulin release whereas it inhibits glucagon secretion. It is still unknown how glucose controls glucagon release. Somatostatin exerts a strong inhibitory paracrine influence. Diabetes is characterized by an impaired insulin secretion/action and a hyperglucagonemia. The reasons of these impairments remain largely unknown and are studied in our laboratory with techniques of molecular and cell biology, imaging and physiology. The studies are essentially carried out on normal and transgenic mouse models, and occasionally on human islets.

Techniques: cell culture, construction of plasmids and adenoviruses, cell sorting by FACS, study of gene expression by PCR and microarrays, measurements of [Ca2+], measurements of hormone secretion, conventional fluorescence microscopy, TIRF, confocal microscopy, electrophysiology (patch-clamp), …

Fellowship: A fellowship is available for two years and could start ideally in October 2016.

Profile: The applicant should have a PhD thesis in medical/biological sciences or equivalent that is not from our University and that has been obtained no more than 6 years before the beginning of the post-doctoral fellowship. He should be in a position of international mobility, which requires that he should not have resided or carried out his/her main activity (job, studies…) in Belgium for more than 24 months during the 3 last years directly before the first stay as Postdoctoral fellow. He should have a strong knowledge in biology and cellular physiology. Good communication skills and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team are also very much appreciated.

Environment: Our lab is composed of about 15 researchers including PhD students and post-docs from various nationalities. The lab is located in a pleasant area in Brussels.

Procedure: The applicant should rapidly send, in a single PDF file, to the email address below (i) a motivation letter, (ii) a detailed curriculum vitae mentioning a phone number, an e.mail address, the birthdate, photo, copies of relevant university degrees, and (iii) names, addresses, e.mail addresses and phone numbers of at least 2 persons of reference. Applications which do not conform to the above requests will not be considered.

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