Applications for Postdoc positions in James E. Rothman lab in SIAIS at ShanghaiTech University

319 Yueyang Road, Yueyang Campus,ShanghaiTech University,Shanghai 200031
June 27 2016
Position Type
Full Time

We seek highly motivated candidates for two postdoctoral associate positions to study the mechanism of spatial and temporal regulation of membrane trafficking and exocytosis in mammalian cells.

The candidate will be involved in studying (i) the novel role of Septins in the secretory pathway in polarized epithelial cells; (ii) insulin regulated glucose transporter protein (GLUT4) trafficking in adipose and muscle cells.

In particular, we are interested in delineating the roles of key insulin signaling molecules (PI3-K, Akt, AS160, etc.) and exocytic machinery (SNAREs, Muc18, Exocyst, etc.) in different stages of intracellular GLUT4 trafficking (vesicle formation, mobilization, tethering/docking and fusion). We will use cell biology, biochemistry, CRISPR/Cas9 based gene KO/KI, and advanced live cell imaging techniques in the lab. 

Qualifications and responsibilities are as following:
1. A Ph.D. in cell biology, biochemistry or related fields is desired and has basic experience in microscopic imaging (e.g. confocal). 
2. The applicants must have first-author papers in peer-reviewed journals and must be highly motivated with the drive to succeed. 
3. The applicants must be able to design and conduct experiments, prepare and present their researches at scientific conference.
4. The applicants are expected to write and edit/revise research manuscripts and be proficient in English communications.
5. We offer internationally competitive salary and benefit for our postdoc associates at ShanghaiTech University.

Please email a CV (in English) and three suggested referees, directly sent to (;)