Intestinal Epithelial Cell Death and Barrier Function

University of East Anglia
June 10 2016
Position Type
Full Time
Intestinal epithelial cells arise from stem cells at the base of the crypt and migrate upto the villus from where they are shed. The process of shedding is not fully understood but involves a reorganization of tight junction proteins to plug the gap left by the shedding cell. In inflammation this shedding process is accelerated and apoptotic death of epithelial cells occurs. In these circumstances the intestinal barrier is lost. We have a number of projects in the lab investigating the regulation of epithelial cell shedding by both the gut microbiota and the immune system. We are also taking a systems biology approach to understand how stem cell division and epithelial migration are integrated with epithelial cell shedding.

The student will be supervised by Professor Watson and will receive training in gastrointestinal science and epithelial biology. Laboratory techniques used are cell culture, bacterial culture, immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, microscopy, pcr, western blotting, disease models, RNA seq, bioinformatics and pathway analysis. The project is supported by BBSRC grants. The lab group is very friendly and is a fun place to work. The laboratory is located in the Institute of Food Research which has all the techniques required and a large community of PhD students.

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