Postdoctoral researcher in mammary gland biology and breast cancer

University of Amsterdam
June 02 2016
Position Type
Full Time
You have recently obtained (or are about to obtain) a PhD degree with relevant research experience. A background in stem cell/developmental/cancer biology is preferred;

you are highly motivated and have strong practical and analytical skills;

excellent communication and organizational skills are essential, as are fluency in English and critical thinking;

you are independent when it comes to your own area of expertise, but should enjoy being part of a team and interacting with other scientists.

If you fit the ‘dry-lab' profile, you should in addition:

enjoy cross-disciplinary collaborations and discussions with wet-lab scientists. We value a constant and open exchange of information in order to swiftly generate and test new hypotheses;

have demonstrable experience with RNAseq, CHIPseq and/or comparative genomic analyses;

have excellent skills for data analysis in R, are proficient in UNIX and, preferably, also in at least one scripting language (e.g. Perl/Python/R);

be familiar with current bioinformatics tools and resources (e.g. UCSC genome browser, ENCODE, TCGA datasets).

Alternatively, if you fit the ‘wet-lab' profile, you should in addition:

have demonstrable experience with molecular cloning, cell culture and mouse embryonic stem cell targeting;

be (or be willing to become) art. 9 (proefdierkunde) qualified.

Experience with CRISPR/Cas9, Cre/lox and/or rtTA/tetO technology, Split-Cre and/or inducible caspase systems is an advantage. Of course, candidates that fit both profiles are especially encouraged to apply.

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess