Postdoctoral Fellow – Prostate Cancer and Metabolism

A postdoctoral fellowship is available in the laboratory of Dr. Nima Sharifi at Cleveland Clinic.  Examples of recent publications and ongoing work include:

  1. Li, et al. Redirecting abiraterone metabolism to fine-tune prostate cancer anti-androgen therapy Nature. 2016 533(7604):547-551.
  2. Li, et al. Conversion of abiraterone to D4A drives anti-tumour activity in prostate cancer Nature. 2015 523(7560):347-351.
  3. Chang, et al. A gain-of-function mutation in DHT synthesis in castration-resistant prostate cancer Cell. 2013 154(5):1074-1084.

Our laboratory is focused on fundamental mechanisms of steroid metabolism and the molecular basis of response and resistance to systemic therapies in prostate cancer.  The primary focus of this laboratory is on the metabolic mechanisms that drive prostate cancer in patient tumors.  Our laboratory is tightly coupled with a robust prostate cancer clinical program (urology, medical oncology and pathology) at Cleveland Clinic, which is a world leader in prostate cancer.  Mechanism-based discoveries from this laboratory are now being applied to the development of clinical trials in patients. 

The position will provide a unique and multidisciplinary exposure to tumor metabolism, molecular oncology, drug development and clinical trials.  Further details are available at the following link:

Candidates should hold a doctoral degree with a background in molecular biology, metabolism or cancer biology.  Candidates must have proficiency in verbal and written English.  Candidates with an interest in the position should send their CV and contact information for 3 references to: 

Nima Sharifi, M.D.

Kendrick Family Chair for Prostate Cancer Research

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