Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Clinical Science - 15/7237

University of Bergen
April 18 2016
Position Type
Full Time

The work is intended to identify novel genes and mechanisms involved in predisposition to abnormal growth, childhood obesity and diabetes. The candidates will mainly work with a unique GWAS and exome chip dataset of 11 000 mother-father-child trios from the population-based Mother and Child Cohort of Norway (MoBa). Tasks will involve associations based studies on genotype-phenotype relationships, application and development of methods for trio-analysis, imputation and rare-coding variant analysis and longitudinal analysis and epidemiology. The sample has rich phenotypic information and can be linked to the Norwegian Birth Registry. The work will be performed in an international research environment devoted to studies of complex and Mendelian disorders at the KG Jebsen Center for Diabetes Research and the Genomics group at the Department of Clinical Science. Thus, we are seeking dedicated candidates with interest in genomics, statistics, epidemiology, informatics and medicine who can complement our genetic analysis team.

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