Postdoctoral Researcher - Stem Cell Biology, Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI), College o...

NUI Galway
March 31 2016
Position Type
Full Time
The successful candidate will require to carry out research on stem cell modeling of Long QT disease and to summarize research data for reports and publications.


Establish cardiomyocyte differentiation protocol; recruit patients' biopsy; culture and bank fibroblasts; reprogram fibroblasts into iPSCs; characterize pluripotency; differentiate IPSCs into cardiomyocytes; characterize phenotype of the patients' cardiomyocytes; summarize data for reports and publications.

Qualifications/Skills required:

A PhD in a relevant life science is essential, as is experience in mammalian/human cell culture, iPS cell technology and molecular biology. A proven ability to work in a team, good communication skills and a track record of successful scientific experience are also essential. Some experience in genetic modelling of human diseases or project-related experience or electrophysiology, could be an advantage.

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