Postdoc position in regenerative medicine in Jensen Group at BRIC, University of Copenhagen

BRIC, University of Copenhagen
December 21 2015
Position Type
Full Time
Our research and the group

The focus of research in the Jensen lab is to understand, the mechanisms that direct the maturation of fetal into an adult tissues and the accompanying acquisition of adult stem cells and lineage specific differentiation that sustain life long organ function. The epithelial components of the skin and the intestine are replenished throughout life by stem cells and we use these tissues to understand the process of tissue maturation (Wong et al., 2012, Nature Cell Biology; Page et al., 2013, Cell Stem Cell; Fordham et al., 2013, Cell Stem Cell). To identify and characterise the mechanisms that govern tissue maturation we use a number of different techniques including in vivo fate mapping to define cellular heritage and state of the art cell culture systems to identify signalling pathways that controls directed differentiation during embryonic and foetal stages and tissue maturation. Insights into the development processes leading to the formation of a normal epithelium will have widespread implications on regenerative medicine and in vitro disease modelling.

Project/The research project(s)

Analysis of the maturing intestinal epithelium in neonatal tissue samples from both mouse and human foetuses has enabled us to identify a distinct population of foetal intestinal progenitors. These progenitors can be maintained in culture without spontaneously maturing into their adult counterparts (Fordham et al., 2013, Cell Stem Cell). Using insights from the maturation of foetal progenitors into adult stem cells from mice we wish to direct the differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into regionally specified intestinal epithelial cells using conditions that are compliant with current requirements for cell replacement therapy. This will form the basis for ex vivo production of tissues for therapy. As aspects of the project will be performed in collaboration with partners within the consortium, the candidate will be expected to carry out short and long term stays at other European research institutions during the project.

Start: As soon as possible

Duration: 3 years

Place of employment

The employment is at BRIC, University of Copenhagen. BRIC is located in the Biocenter, close to the centre of Copenhagen. We offer creative and stimulating working conditions in a dynamic and international research environment. Our research facilities include modern laboratories and a number of core facilities shared between the 23 research groups at BRIC and the neighboring Finsen Laboratory. We have weekly journal clubs, data clubs, seminars with invited speakers and a young researchers club ASAP and our own PhD programme, MoMeD. BRIC actively participates in the European alliance, EU-life consisting of 13 excellent life science research institutions

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