Diabetes Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Children’s Hospital of Boston, Harvard Medical School

The Biddinger Lab
per NIH guidelines
September 01 2015

The Biddinger Lab is seeking an enthusiastic, hard-working, and creative post-doctoral fellow to join their team. The lab uses cutting edge bioinformatic, biochemical, genetic, and physiological approaches, and works in cells, worms, mice and humans.

The lab has two major areas of interest:

1.  How does diabetes cause cardiovascular disease?  It has been known for over 50 years that diabetes is strongly correlated with cardiovascular disease; it is also known that most individuals with diabetes die of cardiovascular disease.  How diabetes causes cardiovascular disease, though, remains unknown, precluding the development of effective therapies.  We are working to identify novel mediators of diabetes associated cardiovascular disease using bioinformatic approaches, mouse models, biochemical approaches, and human samples. (Biddinger et al., Cell Metab, 2008; Miao et al., Nat Comm 2015).

2.  What drives fatty acid synthesis in the diabetic state?  Insulin promotes the synthesis of fatty acids.  However, in diabetes, a state of insulin resistance, fatty acid synthesis is paradoxically increased, leading to dyslipidemia, cardiovascular disease and fatty liver disease.  We are working to identify the signaling pathways, molecules and mechanisms that drive lipogenesis in diabetes. (Haas et al, Cell Metab, 2012)

The Biddinger lab is associated with Harvard Medical School and the Broad Institute.  Further information can be found at www.biddingerlab.org.   Multiple projects are available and can be optimized to accommodate the interests and expertise of the applicant. 

Requirements:  MD and/or PhD; outstanding recommendations; and excellent publication record.  Individuals with novel ideas and approaches are especially welcome.  Skills in LC/MS, in vivo kinetic lipid assays, or RIP-seq are desirable but not required. 

To apply:  Please email a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and contact information for three references to biddingerlab@gmail.com .  

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