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Shenzhen MSU-BIT University

Founded under the important consensus between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Shenzhen MSU-BIT University is a Sino-foreign cooperative university jointly established by the People's Government of Shenzhen Municipality, Lomonosov Moscow State University and Beijing Institute of Technology. With an aim to build a comprehensive university of world-class standards and unique characteristics, Shenzhen MSU-BIT University is committed to bringing together elite education, frontier scientific research and technological innovation to meet the national interests. Moving forward under China’s Belt and Road Initiative and for enhancing Sino-Russian strategic cooperation and regional economic and social development, the university endeavors to take on the glorious missions of nurturing high-quality innovative talents, and producing research works of scholarly excellence.

Leveraging the strength of the fundamental disciplines of Moscow State University and the applied engineering of Beijing Institute of Technology, Shenzhen MSU-BIT University incorporates the attainment of advanced, precise, and sophisticated skills and knowledge into the direction of her educational development. The university offers tertiary studies at the levels of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, as well as non-award studies. At present, the university has set up 7 undergraduate, 4 master’s, and 2 doctoral majors, involving 4 disciplines: science, engineering, economics and liberal arts. The preliminary success of these has enabled the cultivation of talents at all levels.

The university is dedicated to leading and advancing its development towards world-class standards. In respect of the needs for building a base of excellence in nurturing national talents, we are now recruiting exceptionally talented academics from home and abroad, and excellent officers in research management, technical supports, administration etc. High-quality individuals and research teams from diverse backgrounds and experiences are cordially welcome to apply.

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