Max F. Perutz Laboratories

About Max F. Perutz Laboratories

The Max F. Perutz Laboratories (MFPL, are a joint venture of the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna, dedicated to top-level biological and medical research. MFPL is home to many highly active research groups, covering Biochemistry and Biophysics; Developmental Biology; Molecular Mechanisms of Disease; Evolution; Genetics, Epigenetics and Gene Regulation, Immunology and Pathogens; Molecular Cell Biology; Neuroscience; Nucleus and Chromosome Biology; RNA Biology; Structural and Computational Biology/Bioinformatics (

Together with the IMP, GMI and IMBA, MFPL is part of the Vienna BioCenter (VBC) with 40 faculty holding ERC grants (present and past). The VBC is home to 1400 scientists and 700 students from over 40 different countries and provides access to state of the art facilities (, highly competitive international PhD programs and numerous joint scientific activities.

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