SCIVF is one of the largest in vitro fertilization (IVF) centers in China and is recruiting several leading scientists to lead research and/or clinical projects in the field of IVF. The institute/hospital has state-of-the-art research and laboratory equipment in a modern facility in Chengdu, China.  Successful candidates will be supported by technical assistants and startup funds with an attractive financial package. Candidates should have medical and/or biological research experience in related fields. Interested candidate should send application materials to Ms. Zhouxuan Li at, phone: 86-028-67695581.

Chengdu Jinxin medical investment corporation is a rapidly developing institution located in Chengdu, China dedicated to clinical care, scientific research, disease prevention, medical education, training, community service, and nursery. Sincerely Care IVF (SCIVF) is a branch of this corporation and classified as Sichuan provincial key specialty of medicine (Class A). SCIVF performed 12000 cycles of IVF in 2016 and is one of the leading IVF centers in China. Chengdu Jinxin reproductive medicine and genetic research institute is also a branch of Jinxin medical investment corporation, engaging in frontier research of reproductive medicine.

Chengdu Jinxin reproductive medicine and genetic research institute covers an area of 1800m2 with over 50 advanced research equipments including microarray scanning system, Digital PCR, automatic protein analyzer, flow cytometry, sperm amplification system, micromanipulation system, fully automatic FISH system, fluorescent quantitative PCR, Multiskan Spectrum, ultramicro nucleic acid protein analyzer, fluorescence microscope with automatic camera system, gel imaging system, ultra-low temperature freezer, high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, ultrapure water systems, high-throughput gene sequencing machines (one Proton and one PGM), automatic chromosome karyotype scanner and analysis system, ultra high performance liquid tandem mass spectrometry (AB Sciex API 3200) automatic organization dehydrator,  frozen microtone, tissue embedding and processing machines, etc. It is also equipped with special fine laminar flow room.


成都锦欣生殖医学与遗传学研究所在成都市锦江区占地1800 m2,拥有先进大型仪器设备50多台套,其中大型设备有:基因芯片扫描仪、Digital PCR仪、全自动蛋白分析仪、流式细胞仪、精子放大系统、显微操作仪、全自动荧光原位杂交仪、荧光定量PCR仪、全波长酶标仪、超微量核酸蛋白分析仪、荧光显微镜带自动摄像系统、凝胶成像系统、超低温冰箱、高速冷冻离心机、超纯水系统、高通量基因测序仪(Proton 1台、PGM 1台)、全自动染色体扫描仪和核型分析系统、超高效液相串联质谱(waters Xevo TQD)全自动组织脱水机等,冰冻切片机,组织包埋仪等大型仪器设备,并设有专门的科研型层流室。

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