Westlake Institute for Advanced Study

About Westlake Institute for Advanced Study

Westlake Institute for Advanced Study, or WIAS, is a non-profit research institute that is dedicated to the advancement of natural sciences and the frontiers of engineering disciplines. WIAS is located in the beautiful Cloud Town of Xihu District, Hangzhou, China.

In December 2015, WIAS was registered as a non-profit legal entity in Hangzhou. The infrastructure and building space, including laboratories and offices, of about 100,000 square meters are currently under upgrade and renovation, and will be fully commissioned by January 2017.

As an elite research institute, WIAS provides a world-class, stimulating environment, along with state-of-the-art research facility, professional administrative staff and logistic support.

WIAS comprises four founding institutes: Institute for Biology, Institute for Basic Medical Sciences, Institute for Natural Sciences and Institute for Advanced Technology.  Cutting-edge research will be conducted at WIAS, and interdisciplinary interactions amongst biology, physics, computer sciences, engineering, and math will be prioritized. 

The four founding institutes of WIAS form the foundation of Westlake University. After the establishment of Westlake University, WIAS will shift its focus from basic scientific research to translational research through collaborations with innovative enterprises. WIAS will continue to explore new initiatives in technology and innovation.

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