Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences


The Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIA) was established in 1956. It is a premier AI research institute in the world and has done cutting-edge research in pattern recognition, automation science, complex systems, robotics, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, biometrics, medical imaging, social computing, and AI hardware. CASIA is the first national research institution to carry out brain-inspired intelligence research in China. CASIA also established the first School of Artificial Intelligence in China as part of the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

CASIA houses the National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition, the State Key Laboratory for Management and Control of Complex Systems, and the National Engineering & Technology Research Center for ASIC. It also jointly established several international collaborative innovation platforms conducting AI research. 

CASIA’s main site is at the heart of the Zhongguancun high-tech zone. In recent years, it has spun off four additional campuses, located in Huairou District (Beijing), Wuhan (Hubei Province), Nanjing (Jiangsu Province), and Hong Kong, China, respectively.  


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