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  • To prepare science students for a range of careers, I teach them people skills

    • Aug 17, 2023

    In all these roles in business, I have tapped into my scientific expertise. But I have also had the opportunity to develop skills I didn’t learn in academia.

  • Industry scientists are often misunderstood. Here’s why I chose this path

    • Jul 6, 2023

    As an industry scientist myself, I struggled to hide my surprise when hearing "I don’t think industry would be a good fit for me,” the student said, “I’m not money-motivated.”

  • To find career satisfaction, I learned I didn’t have to choose just one job

    • Jun 1, 2023

    That’s when I asked: Did I really have to choose just one? It might be time to experiment. So instead of pursuing a linear and conventional path, I decided to combine multiple jobs—all focusing on my passion for innovation, all with room for personal growth.

  • Your nonacademic career is not a consolation prize

    • Apr 26, 2023

    As I was finishing my Ph.D., I decided my next career step would be outside academia. Many factors influenced that decision; let’s just say that academia wasn’t a good fit for me and I felt I would thrive elsewhere...

  • Divided Colleagues

    Leaving academia was like losing our intellectual home. Here’s how we adjusted

    • Feb 2, 2023

    After leaving academia, we continued to attend many of the conferences that had formerly been places of such personal and intellectual invigoration. Surely, we thought, we would still find reward in connecting with former colleagues, learning about others’ research, and sharing updates on our own endeavors.

  • open book pages

    To get a nonacademic job, you need to learn the jargon

    • Oct 4, 2021
    • Karin Bodewits

    "What have you been up to?" Sara asks, holding the phone to her ear as she prepares her dinner. "I had a job interview today," Ellen replies from the other end of the line, dropping onto the sofa.

  • lady with a rectangle body

    Why I paused my Ph.D. research to work as an industry intern

    • Sep 29, 2021
    • Tess Torregrosa

    One hot July morning, I put on a business casual dress and headed to a biotech company for the first day of my internship. It felt daunting. Academia was my safe space; I had never worked anywhere else.

  • running against the crowd

    I thought I wanted to be a professor. Then, I served on a hiring committee

    • Sep 29, 2021
    • Paul Abel

    I was busy conducting experiments, writing papers, and trying to finish my dissertation. But when I was asked to serve on a faculty job search committee, I felt I couldn't say no. I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn how I might eventually secure a faculty position of my own.

  • open book pages

    When applying for nonacademic jobs, think creatively about your transferable skills

    • Sep 29, 2021
    • Karin Bodewits

    "Anything else?" All eyes are on Sam, the career counselor who is leading a workshop for postdocs interested in nonacademic careers. "Good communication skills, hardworking, flexible, analytical thinker, and problem solver. Those are your top transferable skills?"

  • Adrian Land

    A day in the life of a scientific regulatory affairs manager

    • Sep 29, 2021
    • Elisabeth Pain

    In his scientific career, Adrian Land has hit all three of the classic academia-government-industry triumvirate.