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  • writing with a large pencil

    How undergrads can shape their own education

    • Sep 30, 2021
    • Akiri Nishii

    I entered the main conference room in our chemistry building, feeling nervous. I was the last to arrive, and I hastily took my place at a boat-shaped table alongside four other students, all undergrads like me.

  • writing lines on paper

    How to navigate conflict with your research adviser

    • Sep 29, 2021
    • Jay J. Van Bavel, Neil A. Lewis, Jr., William A. Cunningham, Leah H. Somerville

    We all know mentor-mentee relationships can be tricky. This crucial topic was brought into relief for Jay when he served on a panel that discussed mentorship in July.

  • writing lines on paper

    Why the COVID-19 pandemic could lead to overdue change in academia

    • Sep 29, 2021
    • June Gruber, Jay J. Van Bavel, Neil A. Lewis, Jr., William A. Cunningham

    After an absolutely devastating year, academic scientists in some parts of the world are beginning to reopen their labs and see their colleagues in person. As the global vaccination campaign continues, scientists elsewhere will begin to take similar steps.

  • writing lines on paper

    What I've learned about being a Black scientist

    • Sep 29, 2021
    • Neil A. Lewis, Jr.

    Under normal circumstances, I try to write columns that are optimistic and uplifting. I am, after all, a motivation and goal pursuit researcher, and thus I feel a duty to provide readers with information that will help them achieve their goals. But, dear readers, these are not normal times, and so this will not be a normal column.

  • writing on back

    Why I came out as nonbinary to my Ph.D. lab

    • Sep 29, 2021
    • Bec Roldan

    My hands shook as I sat down to write the email. "I wanted to let y'all know that I use they/them/theirs pronouns," I typed. "I know that gender-neutral/non-binary pronouns are not a common staple in our language, but I ask that you please do your best to respect them." Proclaiming my identity—one I had still not quite figured out yet—to a group of co-workers made me feel incredibly vulnerable.

  • lady with a rectangle body

    Why I paused my Ph.D. research to work as an industry intern

    • Sep 29, 2021
    • Tess Torregrosa

    One hot July morning, I put on a business casual dress and headed to a biotech company for the first day of my internship. It felt daunting. Academia was my safe space; I had never worked anywhere else.

  • running against the crowd

    I thought I wanted to be a professor. Then, I served on a hiring committee

    • Sep 29, 2021
    • Paul Abel

    I was busy conducting experiments, writing papers, and trying to finish my dissertation. But when I was asked to serve on a faculty job search committee, I felt I couldn't say no. I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn how I might eventually secure a faculty position of my own.

  • open book pages

    When applying for nonacademic jobs, think creatively about your transferable skills

    • Sep 29, 2021
    • Karin Bodewits

    "Anything else?" All eyes are on Sam, the career counselor who is leading a workshop for postdocs interested in nonacademic careers. "Good communication skills, hardworking, flexible, analytical thinker, and problem solver. Those are your top transferable skills?"