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  • For Your Career in Science There's Only One Science

    • Jan 17, 2014

    A selection of articles are listed below. For more go to

  • The Cover Letter: Relic or Still Relevant?

    • Jan 17, 2014

    When it comes to the topic of cover letters, today there's no such thing as conventional wisdom

  • Tips for a Successful CV

    • Jan 17, 2014

    Careful CV craftsmanship and maintenance serve academic scientists well at every stage of their careers.

  • Your Personal Marketing Plan

    • Aug 15, 2013
    • Dave G. Jensen

    In order to develop a marketing campaign, you have to know where your value lies—that is, precisely what you offer an employer

  • Resume Wisdom

    • Oct 19, 2012
    • David G.Jensen

    The resume vs. the industry CV - Your goal should be to produce a document that demonstrates knowledge, experience, and good judgment.

  • How to Get a Job in Academia

    • Sep 16, 2003

    The process leading up to your first faculty job is almost guaranteed to be a nerve-racking ordeal

  • Interview Skills for the Job Hungry

    • Jun 20, 2003

    For many of us the first time we face the scrutiny of a 'serious' interview panel is when we try to convince a department to take us on as a PhD student.